Luxury Candle Sample Flight: 3 4-oz tins

Luxury Candle Sample Flight: 3 4-oz tins



Luxury Candle Flight


Three 4 oz tins are filled with our signature scents

Each of our sample flights will come with three different signature scents. 

Small tins are perfect to try 3 of your favorite scents, for a gift or as travel tins.

District 78 creates each flight with three complimentary scents that pair well together

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping
Scent Guide :
1-Grapefruit + Sage
2-Lemongrass + Tea
3- Fig Tree
4-Oakmoss+ Peach
5-Raspberry Mint
6-Coconut + Pineapple
7-Black Spice
8-Basil + Lavender

9-Ginger + Patchouli
78-Whiskey + Amber

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