District 78 Luxury Candle Flight

District 78 Luxury Candle Flight


Luxury Candle Flight 

Each of our sample flights will come with three different signature scents.

Small tins are perfect to try 3 of your favorite scents, for a gift or as travel tins.

District 78 creates each flight with three complimentary scents that pair well together

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping
Scent Guide :
1-Grapefruit + Sage
2-Lemongrass + Tea
3- Fig Tree
4-Oakmoss+ Peach
5-Raspberry Mint
6-Coconut + Pineapple
7-Black Spice
8-Basil + Lavender

9-Ginger + Patchouli
78-Whiskey + Amber

Scent Experience:
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