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The Connector

When my dad passed in 2015, i didn't know much about him. He wasn't in my life much but at the time of his funeral I heard so many wonderful things about him that I knew were passed down to me. 

One word that keep coming up from his friends and family was " Connector", at that moment my wife looked over at me and said now I know where you get that friendly spirit from. Its true " I've never met a stranger in my life".   And I love to connect with people and hear their why. This tidbit does have something to do with candle making! 

Back to talking about candles! So yeah the Whiskey+ Amber is the connector candle, its the ultimate conversation starter and I've also said this is the dinner party scent. Whiskey + Amber truly sets the tone for an intimate gathering. When I create scents I envision how the candle should be displayed. I think about the lighting or the end table it will sit on. Or maybe the fireplace mantel would be better. I had the fireplace in mind when I created this scent. I think it was released in October just all fall was approaching, so has a combination of cozy, deep and rich fragrances.  

Whiskey + Amber is the signature scent for District 78, and its perfect to me. The unlikely scents that are neither masculine or feminine make this the perfect candle for anyone who like deep earthy scents with just a hint of sweetness for the base notes. You can purchase the candle here.

I shot the images for this candle in two very different looks, I wanted to do like an alter ego type photo. One look that shows the serious business Erikka and another more casual look.  You can find out more about each look on our blog, click here


Life is full of moments that will make you laugh! Don’t be afraid to laugh until it hurts

Life is full of moments that will make you laugh! Don’t be afraid to laugh until it hurts

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