Fix Your Crown

Hair is treated differently in every culture. Hair Length may mean strength and royalty, colored hair can be meant to show off personality, even covered hair can represent sacred religious beliefs. Your tresses showcase you without language. So why is it that most people don’t put more attention into their coif? Let’s go down memory lane.

You may remember that girl or guy in high school whose mom/dad was a hairstylist/barber and their hair was impeccable everyday. And all you and your mom could do were “twisties or braids”, or tried to pick that matted afro into something. Your parentals barely knew what a regular appointment at the salon/barbershop meant. Look back on how that made you feel. Most of us would say, “I didn’t look my best,because my parents and I didnt know what to do with my hair.”

And right there(teachable moment)
With the lack of knowledge and the negative feelings that were produced about your hair at a young age, it has now transferred to you as an adult. And the current presentation of your hair is somewhere stuck between “oh I saw this on YouTube I think it looks ok” and the Year you got the most holla!” What most men and women don’t realize that your hair can be stopping you from a promotion, networking, dating, or even a healthy self- esteem. This is prime time to hit the restart button!!! Seek help from a professional stylist that cares about your inner beauty as well as the outer.
Stylists that study their craft can highlight the beautiful attributes of your face and personality. And just because you have been with yourself for the last 20+ or however many years, it doesn’t mean you really know what looks good on you. Create a open trusting relationship with a stylist to get great results. Over time, as the lines of communication open up, your stylist can design a style that truly compliments You!!! Now get out there and Be your best self! 

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Somewhere in Brooklyn    

Somewhere in Brooklyn 


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