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It’s a few years late but this is my formal introduction. I’m Erikka, every time I’m  asked why I have 2K’s I get a different story from my mom- so make up your own. My journey to District 78 has been in the making since I was a kid. 

Growing up in Columbus I always loved clothing and having unique stuff in my room. I’ve always been heavily inspired by music, partying, playing cards, mid century furniture, plants and Black culture  magazines.  Hella random stuff right!?

My grandmother has always been my inspiration when it comes to having a comfortable home, she loved planting flowers and having flowers around. My mom has always kept a lively house, with lots of music and good food, creating an atmosphere to entertain family and friends. My mom is the funniest, get it done person I know. She's who I aspire to be-funny, giving and the turn up queen.

District 78 started as Vintage Goods & Design, selling vintage clothing online and at outdoor markets. After a fast start District 78 opened a brick and mortar store in a June 2013.  Our focus was vintage clothing, art and home decor. But something was missing so in 2015 I started producing candles as a way to express myself through scent.  Scent is one of the most powerful of the 5 senses. I wanted to bring unique scents into people’s lives that would create new memories, like scent has done for me. Candle making is like telling a store without words.  In 2016 I decided to close the store to focus on candle making.

Since then our candle line has taken off and I couldn’t be happier to re-launch District 78 as a lifestyle brand. My goal is to provide product and content that adds to your daily lives.  We look forwards to growing and building the District 78 lifestyle experience. 

Over the next few months we look to add even more product to our site and engage with our audience through our Candle & Conversation episodes,which you can find here. 

Your Favorite Virgo 



And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho
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